Simon Arrata presented at the 2016 Alternative Investments Conference. We appreciate Investment News selecting us for an industry discussion on Innovative Income Strategies.


Harvest USA CEO Simon Arrata discusses China Bonds and Harvest Funds Intermediate Bond (The Street appearance on May 6, 2016).

Harvest USA CEO Simon Arrata discusses foreign exchange hedging strategies (Institutional Investor, April 28 ,2016).

Harvest USA CEO, Simon Arrata looks at China’s economic performance and whether it’s a good time for businesses and investors to get involved in the region (CNBC appearance on April 12, 2016).

Harvest Funds Intermediate Bond Awarded Five Star Morningstar Rating™

As of 2/29/16 both share classes of the Harvest Funds Intermediate Bond was rated 5 stars out of 272 funds within the Emerging Markets Bond category based on risk-adjusted returns for the 3-year period.

Explore sampling the Harvest Funds Intermediate Bond with a limited portfolio allocation.

This is the first in a series of brief market insights from Harvest USA CEO and key architect of our investment fund strategies.


In the current dynamic market environment, what income investments should you consider?

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For more information, please contact Mr. Regis Dale, Harvest USA’s CEO. Mr. Dale is available by email to or by phone at 1-212-520-6680.

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