The Harvest Yield

To institutional investors and financial professionals, Harvest USA utilizes its deep insights about the Chinese markets to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns and to foster an enduring knowledge and solution-based relationship with its clients.

China IQ

Premier Global Investment Firm

Harvest USA is an extension of Harvest Fund Management, one of the leading asset managers in mainland China. Harvest Fund Management has $101 billion in assets under management and 8 million+ clients across North America, Europe and Asia. Harvest operates in China through Harvest Fund Management and in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States through Harvest Global Investments.

Deep China Insight

With offices in Beijing and Hong Kong,  the Harvest investment team of 120+ professionals closely monitors China’s economy, capital markets to identify where there is underlying opportunity and risks. Our on-the-ground access allows Harvest to identify and execute on market opportunities quickly. 

Risk/ Return

We seek to provide the best risk adjusted market offerings.

Rigorous Investment Selection Process

Harvest Global International employs a top-down and bottom-up approach for selecting investments for our funds. Top-down, we analyze global, regional and local data (e.g. economic growth, monetary and fiscal policies and interest rate cycles) to identify longer-term macro trends that are likely to impact markets. Bottom-up, we convene regular meetings with issuers and utilize Harvest’s in-house credit and equity analysts to evaluate and select individual securities.

Portfolio Diversification

China and Asian-focused investment are natural geographic and currency diversifiers for U.S. Investors. Our current fund may complement or compete for various asset categories within a client’s portfolio.

Client Relations

Exceptional Client-Centric Model

At Harvest USA, our entire focus is on helping our clients invest productively for the long-term. As part of the curation of selecting funds to market, we gain deep understanding of our clients’ needs to identify the best risk-adjusted offerings to create value. Our clients’ goals are our goals. Our clients' success is our success.

Harvest USA's Differentiated Approach

Harvest USA’s value proposition combines Chinese investment understanding and insight with deep U.S. investment market expertise and relationships.

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